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Bariatric programme

Bariatric aids are designed especially for bariatric patients, i.e. patients with high weight. These compensatory aids are adapted not only for their high load capacity and larger dimensions, but also for their stability and durability.

Aids to transport

Anti-slip bariatric cane

The cane with a weight capacity of up to 226 kg has a curved handle for easier grip and a base with four support points. Height adjustable from 74 cm to 97 cm. Durable and lightweight, making it suitable for longer walks. It stands on its own without the need for support, so there is no need to bend over to get it.

Bariatric cane, 4 points

Bariatric cane with a high weight capacity of up to 226 kg, metal construction and a wide four-point base.

Bariatric walker

The bariatric walker with a load capacity of up to 200 kg is suitable for patients suffering from obesity or immobile elderly people. Metal construction, basket and makeshift seat for resting. The wheels have a diameter of 20 cm and the rear wheels are swivel and braked.

Wheelchair PLUS reinforced

Mechanical folding wheelchair designed for heavier users with a maximum load capacity of 200 kg.

Goliath XL patient lift

Moving users is an essential part of the daily routine for residents and caregivers. This hoist has a maximum load capacity of up to 320 kg.

Rollboard Transaroll silver - an aid to patient transfer

The Transaroll silver rollboard is used to easily and quickly transfer a recumbent patient from bed to bed, transport gurney or shower trolley. It is a proven system that allows two people to move a patient without much effort. The load capacity is up to 350 kg.

Bathroom programme

Bariatric toilet chair

Bariatric shower chair with a load capacity of up to 200 kg. The chair is suitable for the elderly and disabled who are overweight or suffering from obesity. The lacquered aluminium adds lightness and strength to the structure. The backrest of the chair is made of mesh. The comfortable chair has folding armrests and folding footrests.

Bariatric toilet chair

Toilet chair for seniors and bariatric patients with metal construction and rubber armrests. Load capacity of the chair up to 290 kg.

Bariatric shower bed

The bariatric shower bed with a load capacity of up to 325 kg is suitable for washing and transporting patients. Electrically operated bed lift ranges from 65 cm to 94 cm. Foldable washing surface up to 7° for proper drainage during use and when disinfecting and cleaning the bed. The bed construction is made of painted steel with anti-corrosion treatment. Padded PVC cover reinforced with polyester, phthalate-free, hygienic.

Shower stool - extra wide

The shower stool is height adjustable for greater adaptability. The benefit of this stool is the non-slip rubber tips. The load capacity of the stool is up to 110 kg, the dimensions are 80 x 61 x 83÷93 cm.

Anti-displacement mattresses and seat cushions

XAIR Hybrid bariatric anti-disability seat cushion

A bariatric anti-supine recliner with a load capacity of up to 200 kg, with the ability to provide adequate therapy for the risk of developing decubitus (pressure sores) up to grade 4.

A4 CX20 dynamic anti-subluxation mattress

The CuroCell A4 offers ease of use and exceptional comfort for patients. It is also very effective in preventing and treating decubitus up to category 4, including pressure injuries not further classified. The load capacity of the mattress is up to 250 kg.

Hyper Foam MAXX 250 CLINIC Anti-Decubitus Mattress

Passive bariatric anti-kickback mattress for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to risk level 4 for patients up to 250 kg.

Other equipment

Taurus Bariatric Lux

The Taurus Bariatric LUX is specially designed for bariatric patients who appreciate the comfortable, safe and practical aspects of this high standard bed. The load capacity of the bed is up to 368 kg. The dimensions of the bed are 135 x 226 cm.

Bariatric chair

This chair brings comfort and convenience to bariatric patients, it has a strong construction. The fibres of the fabric prevent fluid absorption. The load capacity of the bariatric chair is up to 240 kg, the overall dimensions are: 84 x 90 x 65 cm.

Bariatric weighing chair

The Marsden M-200 is a chair scale with an extra wide seat. This scale model is particularly useful for weighing obese patients. The M-200 has a measuring range of up to 300kg and a weighing sensitivity of 50g (100g over 150kg) to monitor even the smallest weight changes. The overall dimensions of the scale are 100 x 69 x 99 cm.


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