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10 years with you

We have been on the market for 10 years. How a small company of two people became a successful business with its own production?

The beginnings of Stamed date back to 2012. Ten years ago, our company was based in a modest office on Lochotínská Street in Pilsen. At that time Stamed consisted of only two people and the modest workspace also served as a warehouse. The first success was the exclusive representation of the Canadian company Absorb. A year later we grew

with three sales managers. Our first sales team secured the exclusive representation of Sanalife and the import of products from the German company Zollner.

The first e-shop didn't take long to launch. Right away in 2014, the e-shop Senior Aids was launched and is still thriving today. Since 2015 we have direct representation for the Slovak market and a second successful e-shop, Zdravotnický dům, was launched. In 2016, the premises in Lochotínská Street were no longer enough for us and we moved to new premises in Toužimská Street in Pilsen. We took over the company Weil Electronic Devices s.r.o., including the production of the Dermawed cosmetic line. We acquired the exclusive representation of the Swedish company Care of Sweden.

2017 was a breakthrough year in terms of our own production. We expanded our portfolio with consumables and started importing incontinence pads under our own brand. At the same time, a sales team for hospitals was established. A year later, we gained exclusive representation from major companies Funke medical and Rehabed.

After six years, our work team had 18 members and the office space was no longer sufficient. For this reason, the management looked for a plot of land in Zruč-Senec and subsequently began the two-year construction of a modern headquarters, which has served us to this day. In 2020, the portfolio was expanded to include our own production of germicidal lamps and sterilizers, as well as cooperation with the French company Reval.

After moving into the new building in 2021, the work team grew again to the current 29 employees. In addition to larger storage space, the modern complex has enabled the establishment of a showroom. This year we opened a medical equipment rental

and we launched NurseCare, an IP-based nurse-patient communication system.

In our first ten years on the market, we have continuously moved on and expanded our portfolio. But we couldn't do it without satisfied clients. With that, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our clients who have helped us grow.

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