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Active mattresses

CuroCell A4

The dynamic regimen is highly effective in treating pressure ulcers, but alternating pressures under the lying body can cause discomfort in sensitive individuals.

Static mode works "only" with a constant pressure setting in the system, however, if there is enough air in such a system and therefore does not need to be overfilled, it can also be effective in both the prevention and treatment of bedsores.



  • Fully automatic operation

  • Unique pulse mode

  • Low service costs

  • Long life

  • The compressor can be connected to four mattress size

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CuroCell® iQ

Smart simplicity



  • Individually replaceable chambers

  • Cold foam foam core

  • Function for relieving pat

  • Multifunctional inner cover

  • Smart storage of cables and hoses

  • Excellent zipper cover

  • Improved CPR function and transport mode

The main function of the mattress


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