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Bed equipment

Electrically adjustable beds

We offer a comprehensive range of electrically adjustable beds

with accessories. We offer as a complete service

turnkey nursing room equipment,

when all the furniture is made

in the same decor.


In the menu you will find a number of anti-decubitus mattresses

from basic foam to highly sophisticated,

air mattresses for high risk of bedsores.

The offer is also supplemented by a basic air

mattresses own brand.

Active anti-decubitus mattress


Passive foam mattresses for the prevention of pressure ulcers are designed from variously profiled, modern materials. This is especially true
o combination of cold and highly elastic foam.

LEO typ S.png

Passive anti-decubitus mattress

Leo L02_typS_2.jpg

A wide range of furniture for rooms in homes for the elderly or medical facilities.

Furniture for social care


Bed linen, fillings and special bedding

We offer high quality bedding - bed linen and fillings from a German manufacturer.

These are high quality products that are designed for professional operation

and excel in wear resistance of the material.

Evacuation pads

If it is necessary to evacuate the client, we offer evacuation pads

with two types of straps.


  • possibility of placement on different types of mattresses

  • non-flammable material and easy to clean


PU sensor

The PUsensor has a sensing unit that is built into a thin, soft disc that is applied to the back.

The device's patented, patent-pending method allows healthcare professionals to evaluate blood flow with and without the application of the patient's body weight. The built-in algorithm then evaluates the comparative measurements
and generates an assessment of the patient's risk profile based on blood flow.

PU senzor
magazine soc. Caretronic.png services

NurseCare - nurse-client communication system

NurseCare is a communication system that uses modern technology to create a seamless connection between nurses and clients. This system enables an immediate and simple exchange of information, ensures transparency of care and increases the efficiency of the work of the medical staff.

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