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Electrically adjustable beds

LEO and Taurus

Below you will find an offer of electrically adjustable beds

in several product lines.


The aim of this presentation is to provide you with a thorough

an overview of beds offered by Stamed sro,

however, the overall offer is much wider.


We will be happy to show you the complete
offer and we process individual
price calculation.

LEO type S.png

LEO series beds


LEO beds meet the highest standards and provide full support

patients and people in need of long-term care.

• Allows a wide range of positioning
• All electrical components are hidden under the mattress grid
• Very wide range of bed height 29 to 84 cm
• Solid construction guarantees a feeling

   of security for the user
• A wide range of add-ons and extensions

LEO type S.png

Taurus II Lux beds


The basic line of Taurus II beds guarantees excellent comfort and quality design of beds for a great price.


• Intended for use in social services or the home environment
• Designed to provide users with optimal independence
• Control panels allow the user to select the desired position
• Possibility of setting a very low mattress storage
• Selection of grates
• Choice of color design

Taurus 3P_with mattress_sonoma tabac (1)

Taurus beds


Stylish TAURUS beds are a response to the latest trends

on the market that combine the functionality of beds

with a stylish look.


A bed with a rotating grid function
Rotadorm Care

The Rotadorm Care is equipped with an electric rotating grid with upright sitting function. This function brings the patient maximum comfort when standing up, allows to eat in a natural position and, last but not least, greatly facilitates the work of the care staff.


The upright sitting function, removable handrails and mattress are standard equipment on the Rotadorm Care bed.

Rotadorm Car
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