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Waste management


Hygienic and odorless storage of diapers

OdoCare is an odorless waste bin designed for the disposal of materials that
come from incontinence or wound treatment.

Disposal of diapers by vacuum

The VACURAPRO vacuum system is a professional solution for waste disposal in medical facilities.


Fully automatic stainless steel washer washer with advanced functions such as automatic cleaning and draining mode or automatic detergent dosing.


Bed equipment

Electrically adjustable beds

We offer a comprehensive range of electrically adjustable beds, including accessories.


Nursing furniture

We provide complete equipment for homes for the elderly, so we offer
nursing furniture as part of room equipment.

Active anti-decubitus mattress

In our portfolio you will find a wide range of air anti-decubitus mattresses from the renowned manufacturer Care of Sweden.

Passive anti-decubitus mattress

Passive foam mattresses for the prevention of pressure ulcers are designed in various ways profiled modern materials. These are mainly combinations of cold
and highly elastic foams. Mattresses differ in different technological processing
and combinations of materials used.

Special bedding

A wide range of washable bed mats with or without a base under a mattress or seat cushion, the products show high material resistance and excellent absorption properties.

Evacuation pads

If it is necessary to evacuate the client, in the event of an unexpected situation, we offer
a wide range of evacuation aids.

PU sensor

The PU sensor uses a proprietary method and tool to assess blood flow in surface tissue. The technique is based on photoplethysmography (PPG), a procedure where the skin is illuminated and the reflected light is measured. 

NurseCare - nurse-client communication system

The nurse-client communication system NurseCare is a modular IP system combining wired 

and wireless elements that allow an SOS alarm to be triggered anywhere v object customer 

including outdoor space.


Bathroom program

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We offer a comprehensive range of electrically adjustable beds, including accessories. As a complete service, we offer turnkey nursing room equipment, where all furniture is made in the same decor.

Bathing and shower systems

The purpose of assisted bathing and shower systems is to facilitate the work of staff at
providing daily care. Each individual product is designed so that you can yours
provide clients with the best possible care, but at the same time to make the handling of people with reduced mobility as easy as possible.


Client care


Dermawed care cosmetics

Under our own brand Dermawed, we offer you specially made nursing cosmetics. It is our own recipe developed in cooperation with the nursing staff. As part of this cosmetic line, we offer products needed for the daily care of the client in homes for the elderly. Cosmetic products are made in the Czech Republic in cooperation with Ryor.

Terry cloths

For clients who do not like washing with disposable washcloths, we have a simple offer
and quality terry cloths at a very reasonable price. You can choose from a wide range of colors.

Nitrile gloves

We offer high-quality nitrile gloves for the daily needs of the nursing staff. These are products primarily intended for the German market showing above-standard durability
and material quality. All this, however, while maintaining a very competitive price.


Medical technology


Oxygen concentrators
Here you will find professional oxygen concentrators from an American manufacturer.

These are devices suitable for long-term load. The devices are widely used in medical facilities and homes for the elderly. The devices are also very positively evaluated for simple operation, quality workmanship and excellent durability.

Suction cups and inhalers
If you need to extract mucus and secretions, we offer extractors from the product line

Aspira from a quality Italian manufacturer. The devices are tested by hundreds of installations. These are trouble-free extractors with excellent performance at a very solid price. You will find a range of Air Pro inhalers from the same manufacturer in our offer. Due to the In addition to performance and robustness, we have included a specific model in the catalog Air Pro 3000 with flow control.

Oximeters and tonometers
In our portfolio you will find a range of oximeters and arm tonometers from Dimed brands and Logiko at very reasonable prices.

Special scales

To check the weight of immobile clients, we offer a complete portfolio of special scales. It is possible to choose several variants for weighing sitting clients, lying clients directly on the bed or special scales for wheelchairs.

VK Air

The best clean air performance in a compact package.VK Air is the versatile, high-performance device designed to deliver crystal clear air where it matters most. Get exceptional air quality in the spaces where you live and work.

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