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Disposal of diapers by vacuuming

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Reduces volume


"Create a pleasant and healthy air climate in your plant: simply and uncomplicatedly with the VACURA vacuum system"

Neutralizes odors



The VACURA vacuum system not only neutralizes odors. Bacteria and viruses are also reliably filtered using a HEPA filter. This also effectively prevents the spread of dangerous germs.

Optimized hygienic standard






Smaller volume means lower waste costs.   The daily generated amount of incontinence waste is a challenge for every healthcare facility. With VACURA you have the opportunity to reduce your waste volume by up to 50% and thus significantly reduce your disposal costs. Vacuum shrinks the amount of waste - at a time of rising waste charges, there is a huge potential for savings.


Minimum waste fees for maximum hygiene - VACURA is a solution for nursing homes, care facilities and hospitals.

Reduced waste disposal costs


The VACURAPRO vacuum system is a professional solution

waste disposal in medical facilities.

Specially developed for use in hospitals,

homes for the elderly or homes with a special regime.

Compact and easy to use device with many advantages.


Germs are neutralized, evacuated
and odor-neutral locked. Saving space during storage,

higher hygiene and protection against infection.

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