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Hygienic and odorless storage of diapers


OdoCare is the first odorless waste bin designed to dispose of materials that come from incontinence or wound care. The worldwide patented system is completely mechanical,
user-friendly and can be used without any chemicals, liquids or impregnated bags. OdoCare provides fresh work and a pleasant home atmosphere.




Odorless, viruses and bacteria

Once the materials are thrown into OdoCare, no more odor escapes. Thanks to its special sealing ring, the odor remains enclosed in a waste bag at the bottom of the basket. When using special 7-layer bags, the odor remains in the bag, even if it is already stored removed in place. In addition to odor, it also eliminates the spread of viruses and bacteria.


Easy to operate



OdoCare is suitable for all types and sizes of incontinence waste materials. OdoCare can only be operated with one hand. The material is thrown in and is turned into the bottom / OdoCare hopper by turning the handle. Thanks to its ergonomic design, garbage bags at the bottom can be easily replaced.


Improves working conditions and saves costs

Not only the provider of health or social services, but also patients, family and visitors benefits by reducing unpleasant odors . Thanks to OdoCare, staying in these facilities is noticeably more pleasant.

Possibility to use classic garbage bags. Special garbage bags are only needed if the waste material is subsequently evacuated by the VAKUCA pro system.

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