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  Mobile shower system

The Rubis Shower in Bed System is personal hygiene at its most portable. Designed for individuals who are confi ned to bed, the fully contained mobile showering unit and easy drain waterproof bed sheet, allow clean,  effi  cient, comfortable showering - no matter how immobile the individual.

Hygienic care with Ruby right in bed

it is also suitable for quarantined clients


• Stainless steel water tank - 23 l
• Active extraction of used water
• Adjustable water temperature
• Easy maintenance
• Automatic disinfection of the internal circuit
• Easy draining of used water
• Function for thermal disinfection of the system
• Separate circuits for clean and used water
• 6x Ø100mm directional wheels, 2 with brakes
• Disinfectant tank, capacity 5L
• 24V shower pump, 8 litres/min
• 24V drainage pump, 14 litres/min


Procedure in the care of the client in bed

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