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4 benefits of the M-999-PTS

The patient weighing pad M-999-PTS from the English manufacturer of medical scales MARSDEN is the only scale of its kind in the world. It represents a revolutionary innovation in weighing immobile and critically ill patients.

1) You get the exact weight of the patient

The biggest benefit of this scale is that it allows medical staff to get an accurate patient weight (scale accuracy up to 500 g).

The M-999-PTS scale has a Class III measurement accuracy and is also approved as a medical device under the Medical Device Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC). This means that the device meets strict safety requirements.

2) You will find out the exact dosage of medication

For many medications that are given during treatment, it is important to know the weight of the patient, this is in order to give them an accurate dose of medication. Some commonly used weight dependent medications include IV acetaminophen, gentomycin, vancomycin and many others. If a weight-dependent medication is given without obtaining the patient's exact weight, it may result in a dose that is too low and becomes ineffective. Alternatively, it could lead to overmedication of the patient, which could lead to harmful effects.

3) Consider immobile patients with dignity

When it comes to weighing immobile patients, there are a number of weighing devices on the market. However, none of them are dignified for the patient. For example, a weight lifter will lift an individual into a sitting position and this can cause discomfort. Also, bed scales can be incredibly cumbersome when placed under the castors and this can then draw attention to the patient in bed. The M-999-PTS can be used with the patient directly in their bed and in a timely manner.

4) The scale can be used when transporting the patient

One of the main advantages of this bedside weighing pad is that it can be used during lateral transfer. This scale was designed specifically for use during patient transfer. For example, if a patient is being transferred from a wheelchair to a hospital bed, this is the ideal time to obtain their weight.

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