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A new partner for bath and shower systems!

In our range you will now find products from the French brand Reval. The company develops and manufactures a wide range of products for the social sphere and beyond.

Why France Reval?

With more than 40 years of experience, Reval Group offers an unrivaled range of assisted bathing and showering systems, hydrotherapy rehabilitation pools and transfer equipment for hospitals, nursing homes and individuals. The range balances efficiency and ergonomics with comfort and safety, and uses advanced technology to produce innovative devices designed for the people who use it.

RUBY mobile shower system

One of the many products for which we decided to establish cooperation with France Reval was a system that makes it easier to provide regular hygiene to even a lying client. Thanks to the water tank, heating and subsequent pumping of water, it is possible to take a shower directly on the bed. There is no need for an additional connection to the water supply, only a connection to an electrical outlet.

Mobile lifting systems

We now offer mobile patient hoist in a wider range! New in addition to the classic patient hoist, we also provide hoist for bathrooms. Hoist with a seat or lounger can be placed in a large number of types of tubs and facilitate the hygiene of people with reduced mobility.

In addition, we still offer several options for a standard patient hoist, which guarantees the safe transfer of an immobile person using a hanging bag.

Shower trolley or shower chair

We also selected a unique folding and height-adjustable shower chair for you, or a shower bed with the possibility of folding to the side for easier washability.

More information about products you can find here.


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