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A new partner for stairlifts!

Thanks to the exclusive representation of the Dutch company DeVi-Stairlifts B.V., our product portfolio has expanded to include specialized stairlifts that are suitable for domestic and social facilities.


With almost 40 years of experience, DeVi-Stairlifts B.V. offers a unique range of stairlifts. Their UP stairlifts was awarded the GIO (Good Industrial Design) recognition and thus received the Excellence Functionality Award at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. In addition, the UP stair seats came second in the public award at Dutch Design Week 2019!

What makes UP stairlifts so unique?

SUP stairlifts differ from other stairlifts in that they can be disassembled. In other words, if you want to move or just relocate the stairlifts, you simply disassemble and move them.

The rail consists of two parts - a straight rail and 5° wedges, which can be assembled into any curve to suit your staircase. Installation is therefore not lengthy and the manufacturer does not need to prepare the bent rail in advance. We have all the necessary parts in stock at all times, if the customer decides to purchase, we are able to install the seat for them immediately.

The seat upholstery can be chosen from a total of four colours: anthracite, brown, cognac and sand. Their design is timeless and suits any interior. The stairlifts also includes a control joystick with a STOP button to control the lift, a built-in microphone and a safety belt.

Special assistance allowance

A person is entitled to a special aid allowance for the purchase of a motor vehicle or a special restraint system if he or she has a severe defect of the supporting or locomotor system, severe or profound mental retardation of the nature of a long-term adverse health condition, or an autistic disorder with severe disability with recurrent severe manifestations of auto-aggression or hetero-aggression persisting despite treatment, and his or her health condition does not preclude the granting of this allowance.

Full details of the allowance can be found here.


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